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Alexandra Madison D'Amato

An ice cream cone with rainbow sprinkles! 

Favorite dessert:  

Cocktail of choice:

Red wine is my go to, but I always love fresh mojito!


Working out, dancing, trying new recipes, beach volleyball, anything outside really!

favorite place to travel:

Hawaii! Hands down!

Furthest place you filmed:


Hardest thing you have done:

Ran a marathon! I ran it with my sister, crossing the finish line hand in hand!

never leave the house without: 

A hair tie! You never know when you'll need to throw it in a pony!

craziest thing you have done:  

I have been skydiving twice. Once with my entire family! Still not sure how dad convinced mom into that one... 

if you know me, you know that:  

I shriek every time I see my dog, and tell him how perfect he is!  

Why is your company called "madison grey media?":  

You can read about how I came up with my business name here! 

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