September 29, 2020

7 Ways to Add a Personal Touch to Your Wedding Day

When it comes to planning your wedding there are TONS of ideas constantly running through your head. It can be hard to decipher if you’re choosing things because it’s trending, you’ve seen it on Pinterest, or because it fits your style perfectly. Our advice? Focus on you two as a couple and try to find details and a vision that leaves your guests thinking, “Wow this is SO Alex and Jon”. To help, we’ve listed seven ways to add a personal touch to your day and we hope at least one will speak to you (or jumpstart the creativity!)


Write your own vows 

As a videographer this is huge! This can set your wedding film apart from the rest. Writing your own vows isn’t just more meaningful to you and your significant other, but your guests will likely remember the sweet sentiments you vowed to each other.  


Custom signage

(We prefer neon!) I knew I wanted to add a custom sign to my wedding for a photo op! But I also wanted it to be something that I could repurpose afterward. We ended up choosing lyrics from our first dance song, but you can choose your names, a hashtag, or a phrase you two love! 

 wedding neon sign

Painted corn hole boards

My wedding took place in my parents’ backyard! Having an outdoor wedding, adding a classic lawn game like corn hole was a no brainer. Just like our neon sign, we wanted something that would last past our wedding! My talented sister hilariously painted our faces on these boards (shoutout to Faces on Board!) but you could have your wedding date, your names, or your pets added to yours! 

face on corn hole board

Intro video

In lieu of having a 10-minute bridal party introduction before our reception, we decided to include a video instead! This 1-minute video is the perfect transition from the more formal ceremony into the fun party. You could include how you met, what you both love to do together in your free time, or a funny story! 

Specialty cocktails

How could you go wrong with bonus cocktail options? Inspo can come from where you grew up, where you first met, favorite vaca, your pet, the current season, etc. The opportunities for custom cocktails are endless and will for sure be remembered! Also, a great way to celebrate year after year on your anniversary.

Include your pet

Every pet is a beloved member of the fam and we love when couples find a way to include them. If you don’t totalllllyy trust your fur baby walking down the aisle don’t worry! We’ve seen couples incorporate their pets by naming specialty cocktails after them, having an outline/drawing of their pet on cocktail napkins, putting up framed photos, and custom cookies of their pet as a favor. Oh!! How fun would it be to have props of your pup made for a photo booth?! And if you haven’t seen them yet, there are wedding specific pet sitting services so you can enjoy your pup at your wedding, stress-free! 

‘His and Hers’ desserts

If you’re wanting to do something a little different via food ‘His and Hers’ desserts are such a fun idea (and different from the typical his and her drinks). It allows guests dessert options and they can be SO cute!! You can keep it simple by having two different flavors of cake or go all out and do two completely different desserts. A great way to add to include your man a little more because who doesn’t love taste testing more dessert options!? 

Always remember this is your day. Have ideas or details you included in your big day? We’d love to hear!! 

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