April 24, 2020

How to Crush a Wedding Toast

So you’ve landed a leading role of giving a toast at your bestie’s wedding and you couldn’t be more excited (YAY!!!).  There is seriously nothing better than to be given the opportunity to show your love and support on their big day, and we know you want nothing more than to deliver. So, how do you make a toast that will leave a positive, everlasting impact? Based on years of capturing these big moments, we’ve compiled a few do’s and don’ts when it comes to wedding toasts that should help you nail it:


Do…introduce yourself! Although the majority of guests might know who you are (especially if you are related to the bride or groom) it’s likely that some people don’t.


Do…say thank you! Most importantly, make sure to thank the host of the party at the beginning of your toast. They played a huge part in you standing up there with a drink in your hand!


Don’t… go down memory lane too far. We’ve seen it time and time again. Memory lane turns into memory highway and next thing you know all of the guests have a uniform look on their face screaming “Are we there yet?”. Understandably, it’s hard to summarize your entire relationship down to a few minutes but trust us. Stick to one or two memories! 


Don’t… let outsiders in on the inside jokes. They’re unique to you all for a reason. In other words, this may be a time to keep most of them (if not all of them) to yourself. We don’t need crickets, am I right? 


Do… grab the attention! With Maid of Honor’s typically making their toast first, we’ve often seen it somewhat overshadowed in the beginning. Raise your voice and draw in the crowd by introducing yourself. We don’t want to get you lost (AND it makes it easier for us to film, win-win!).  


Do… brag about the bride. But also brag about the groom. Why do you love them separately? Why do you love them together? What is unique about their relationship? What makes them the couple everyone envies? We NEED to know!!! 


Do… keep it to 3-5 minutes. It’s meant to be a toast and not a speech and we don’t want guests to start getting dehydrated… am I right!? 


Last but not least… have confidence and prepare ahead of time! Write it down, say it out loud, and practice. As a result, you’ll feel more relaxed and confident the day of!

Above all, no one knows the bride and groom better than you and we can’t wait to watch you crush your toast! We’d love to hear crazy toast stories below (we KNOW you have them)! Looking for some inspiration? Here’s one of our favorite toasts from the father of the bride at Kathie and Matt’s wedding.


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