March 23, 2020

Bridesmaid Proposals // Fresh Ideas

There’s nothing better than getting a little something from a bestie asking you to be part of her wedding. EEEK. But let’s be honest, competition for the perfect bridesmaid proposal is getting a little fierce. Cute boxes compiled of favorite Target and Etsy findings have seemed to take the top seat (for good reason!) and you can’t go wrong with a mini bottle of champagne am I right!? But in the case you’re looking for fresh ideas to pop the question to your girlfriends I’ve got your back:




The packaging is absolutely flawless and they will send it to your girls for you!? Guaranteed perfection. An especially good fit for your MOH or if you have a smaller wedding party and want to go a more luxe route. Take me to Boxfox!



In case you’re looking for something a little sweeter… Seriously the most beautiful candy out there and they have a specific set to spell out the big question! Probably why they’ve taken the candy world by storm. LOVE the Sugafina idea so much!


Potato Parcel  

Like come on this is HILARIOUS and I would literally die if a potato came in the mail. Completely unique and so customizable. Also, bonus points for creativity without having to get crafty because come on, you have a wedding to plan. Want to send a potato? Here ya go!


Custom Cookies 

Gifting a duo or trio of custom cookies that spell out your message is so cute AND you can support a local bakery (I’m OBSESSED with Bailey Lane here in Raleigh). To top it off, you can alter almost every aspect from shape and design to color scheme – so if you’re one with a vision and want to add to it this could be for you! 


Custom Gift Box

If you can’t decide on one way to pop the question, a custom gift box is perfect for you! While there are thousands of places where you can order custom gift boxes from, consider researching a local shop to support a small business!


 Finding ideas that reflect YOU and the kinds of relationships you have with your girlfriends is the most important. If you have fun bridesmaid proposal ideas that you can’t get over I would love to hear!! 

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