July 8, 2019

Kathie and Matt – One Year Anniversary!

Happy One Year Anniversary to my sweet friends Kathie and Matt! I can’t believe a year has gone by since they first said “I do”. One year of marriage in the books, but their love story began many years before! Not only are Kathie and Matt high school sweethearts, but they grew up on the same block! Roy Drive- where they decided to have their first look AND they named their dog “Roy”! EEEK! Adorbs. Little did they know as kids growing up, that they would start dating in high school and one day become husband and wife.

I met Kathie at the airport when we were in college! We were both attending NC State and had flown into RDU from New York. As college students on a budget, we saw each other in “NC State” attire and decided to take a cab to campus together (back in the ancient days before Uber). In a nutshell our conversation went like this, “Where are you from in NY?” “Me too!” “What town?” “Me TOO!” “Off of what main road?” “ME TOO!” We realized that we grew up walking distance from one another, but had never met! As New Yorkers in the South, we became quick friends and roommates after college.

Through those years, I watched Kathie and Matt’s relationship grow stronger and stronger. So when Matt texted me, “Hey” on a random Tuesday, my response was “AHHHHHHH YAYAYAYAYYYYY!” Because I knew right away that he was planning to propose. 

Kathie is one of the strongest, kindest people that I know and Matt is her perfect match. These two could not compliment each other more! They have experienced life, loss, change and growth, all side by side. Kathie and Matt had a beautiful summer wedding on Long Island at the Mansion at West Sayville. Kathie wore her mothers jewelry on her wedding day, and as her dad put it perfectly, she is blessing them. I couldn’t be happier for this couple and the life they have created with one another! Congratulations on one year!

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