May 22, 2019

A Montauk Proposal | Angela and Dan

She jumped into his arms and whispered “just go with it” to a stranger she had never met. “Hey! It’s so good to see you!” she said to the guy standing there, wondering who this girl is hugging me. Confused, he went along with it anyway. A situation most of us ladies can sympathize with- you’re out with your girlfriends and instead of being blunt and just straight up telling the guy hitting on you that you’re not interested, you make something up in the moment. Like, pretending you know the bouncer.

When the hopeful bachelor realized she was talking with someone…someone who was 6 foot 5, he respectfully backed off. Leaving Angela to thank her newfound hero. This is how their love story began, only to open a new chapter with their Montauk engagement.

A picture from just a few weeks after they met!


Angela isn’t just my cousin, she’s one of my best friends. From playing kickball in the court as kids (we still play kickball, who am I kidding), to watching the bachelorette but chatting through it the entire time, Angela and I have always been close. So when she told me about this guy who she met and how she met him, I could hear her grinning ear to ear through the phone. I knew when I met Dan that he was the one for Angela. At 6’5” he seems intimidating at first, but don’t let his size fool you, Dan has one of the kindest hearts.

When Dan told Jon and I that he was planning to propose to Angela, I shrieked of excitement! I think Jon was jealous because they have a bromance like no other, but after he wiped his tears we made plans of how Jon and I would capture the entire thing. When we realized wedding season would interrupt our ability to be there, we gave our spare cameras to family and friends to do the job!

Montauk has always been one of their favorite places to spend free time during the summer, so Dan made a plan to take a trip out and spend the night. It was his birthday weekend, so Angela would assume that they were celebrating him! Dan knows how important family is to Angela, so when planning the proposal he knew he would have her brother and sister involved. He literally flew in Angela’s sister Christina from California to surprise her after she said “yes”! With everyone hiding and in their places, Dan and Angela walked along the beach with friends. It was a perfect setting for a sunset picture when he got down on one knee a popped the question.


Right after the proposal!

Although we couldn’t be there to capture the moment, I’m so thankful for the help of everyone who did! (Thank goodness for GoPro’s and big families) I had an amazing time capturing an engagement session of these two afterwards. I couldn’t be more excited for you both! And now, let the wedding planning begin! 

  1. Angela Fraumeni says:

    Thank you so much Alex. This is beyond incredible. We love you <3

  2. Debra kingsley says:

    Such a happy time captured for all time! Congratulations and best wishes!
    Debbie and Gary Kingsley

  3. Vivian Fiordalisi says:

    Beautiful!! I’m in tears!! Congrats Angela and Dan! Madison Grey Media – incredible job! We have to meet! You have a fox in your logo!! Vivian and The Bridal Salon of Dix Hills! 😘❤️

  4. Carol Kelly says:

    Congratulations to both of you,

    Such beautiful pictures to capture this wonderful time in your life. We wish you all the best.

    Love, Aunt Carol and Family

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