November 26, 2018

A Love Story of Our Own

For years I have been sharing love stories of others, but today, I am sharing my own! During a season when we reflect on all of the things we are thankful for, I couldn’t be more thankful for Jon.

You’re my motivator, my personal comedian, and my biggest cheerleader. You pushed me to follow my dreams and when I doubted myself, you encouraged me to keep moving forward. I am so thankful for you and feel like the luckiest girl to soon become your wife!!

A Swipe On Mr. Right

Little did I know that I would swipe right on my future husband, but that’s how Jon and I met! Good ole tinder! So I guess that would make me a “tinderella”! His profile picture was pizza, so I was obliviously intrigued. We had our first date at the Beer Garden in downtown Raleigh. I walked inside and it was pretty empty, so I went upstairs looking for this mysterious Italian pizza man. When I spotted Jon he was sitting at a table which felt like a football field away, so I said, “Oh hey!” from across the bar as I walked over. He smiled and waved and said, “Why are you yelling?” and has continued to ask me the same question since. I’ve never laughed more with anyone than I have with Jon! He had such a warm presence, I truly feel at home with him.

Tricked Into Filming My Own Engagement

Jon and I had planned a trip to Hawaii with my family, but we decided to go a few days early. We were discussing what we should do those first few days before the rest of my family joined us. Jon suggested that we go on a hike and bring champagne. I said, “Champagne? You hate champagne!”. When Jon and I moved to New York to start Madison Grey Media, he knew he was going to play a huge role as an associate filmmaker. I trained him on all of the essentials, but now I was teaching him to fly the drone. He responded and said, “Yeah! We can hike to the top and get drone footage of us popping champagne! It would be a sick shot!”. A tad suspicious, I agreed that it would be a cool shot, and convinced myself that he was just an eager film student, expanding his creative mind haha.

It was our first day in Kauai and of course it was raining. If you’ve ever been to Kauai, you know that if it’s raining, you can drive to the other side of the island and it’ll be sunny. So we got in the car and chased the sun! We started our hike and didn’t anticipate how difficult it would actually be. 6 miles of steep inclines, tripping on roots, and slipping through mud, we made it to the top! The view was amazing! Jon paused and said, “Let’s fly it here!”. It was starting to rain and I knew water would get on the lens, so I said “Nahhh, let’s fly it on the way back”. We walked a little further to the waterfall, took some pictures and started to head back, just as the clouds were rolling in. We get to the same spot where the view was, but now completely covered by clouds. Jon stops and says, “Okay, let’s fly it now!”, I was like, “Jon, there’s no view and it’s raining. Let’s do another hike tomorrow and we’ll fly it then.” He looked annoyed and said, “Let’s just set your camera up and pop champagne anyway.” It was really starting to rain, so I set up my camera quickly and pressed record. We walked to where there would’ve been a view of beautiful cliffs and mountainsides, but instead a wall of white clouds. Jon pushed me to face him and said, “I have something for you….” and got down on one knee. After catching my breath, I said “yes!” and we finally popped champagne! I was on cloud 9. We put the ring back in the box for the hike down, anticipating the amount of times we would fall in the mud. And then when we reached the bottom, he put the most beautiful ring on my finger, dirty hands and all. It was perfect.

  1. What a beautiful and clever proposal!
    I got a little teary eyed…
    I am so happy for you Alex and Jon!

  2. Debbie Frankel says:

    Beautiful! So happy for you Alex💜

  3. Deja D. Smith says:

    NBD. Just crying at my desk! Beautiful video for such a beautiful couple! Congrats y’all!

  4. Donna says:

    So happy for you young lady. I have not seen you in a decade and a half but watch your videos and keep in touch with Mom. Great story as my son just told me he was on Tinder dating, maybe he’ll find the woman of his dreams as well!! Congratulations 🎉🍾!!

  5. Armond Dantino says:

    Awesome! Congratulations to the both of you! Although the most amazing thing is That Jon actually hiked 6 miles! 😉
    Much love! Uncle Armond

  6. Ashley Little says:

    I can’ttttttt event handle it i’m going to cry. So beautiful.

  7. Clint Pires says:

    Congrats to you both! So happy for you guys. Well done Jon. Look forward to seeing you guys soon.

  8. ANTHONY says:

    Congrats to my OT look-like, well not really lol.

  9. Jenn says:

    Such a beautiful moment captured beautifully! Love you both!!! ❤️❤️

  10. Lynne Bouffard says:

    As the parents of Mr. Right we are so blessed to know that he has found the one person in this world that brings him joy, love, and happiness. We are so blessed to have Alex join our family and know that they will have a wonderful life together. Dave and Lynne Bouffard

  11. Debbie Ruffino says:

    Congratulations 🍾 Absolutely gorgeous video. Even though I have not met you Alex, I feel like I know you. Can’t wait to meet you! Love you both!! 😘❤️

  12. Holly and Dana says:

    OMGGGGG!!! Love it and love you both

  13. Karen Reischel says:

    So very happy for you to find someone who makes you laugh and who shares all that creative energy with you! You have found your “Happy Place” in each other’s arms! May God always bless you both with Love, Health and infinite Joy!!!
    😘😘😘Love , Karen

  14. Meredith Albee says:

    My favorite part “why are you yelling” hahah. Love this and you! So sweet and perfect!

  15. Mary Longerbeam says:

    So happy for you!!❤ Congratulations 🎊

  16. LueAnn Gabbay says:

    Such a beautiful couple and a beautiful engagement story,can’t wait to see and hear how the future unfolds, I know it will be beautiful

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