August 27, 2018

Who is Madison Grey?

One of the many exciting decisions you get to make when starting your own business is choosing a name! I had always thought about what I would name my business if I ever had the opportunity to start one, and I knew that I wanted it to be meaningful. So I started brainstorming, not only what I wanted my company name to be, but what I wanted my company brand to be.

Family is so important to me. I come from a HUGE family. My mom is one of 6 and my dad is one of 5, so let’s just say holidays are pretty entertaining. Something that I always found interesting was the origin of peoples names! (Were you named after someone? Where did your name come from? What does it mean?) I’m pretty sure my parents chose “Alexandra” because it was the only name they could agree on, but my middle name “Madison” was after Madison Ave in Manhattan. My mom would walk Madison Avenue everyday to work and thought it was a beautiful name. From the time I found out my moms real name wasn’t “mom”, I loved her maiden name “Fox”. I would write “Madison Fox” over and over again, dreaming that I would make it my stage name if I ever made it big!

Fast forward to me brainstorming away for a business name, and I couldn’t get “Madison Fox” out of my head. So I started pairing it with names that could work, “Madison Fox Films”, “Madison Fox Productions”, etc… but it still didn’t feel right. I left it alone and I began thinking about other things like color schemes, branding, and website design. My eye continued to lean towards a clean black and white color palette which lead me to “grey”. Then a lightbulb went off. It wasn’t just the name, but the color (or lack thereof), the earliest forms of films were in black and white, creating a range of grey tones. The name “grey” seemed to fit even more perfectly when I found out that there is a “Grey Fox” breed! Madison Grey Media, it was perfect.

I decided on “Madison Grey Media”, because it had significant meaning to me. I am able to connect it to family, as well as original origins of a visual art that I love!

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